Wholesale ASF Organic Turmeric with Black Pepper

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Turmeric has displayed a positive ability to provide anti-inflammatory re-enforcement and since inflammation is associated with just about every health condition, Turmeric could very well be the “Spice of Life” we all are in search of.

  • Certified Organic
  • 60 Tablets
  • 700mg Of Turmeric
  • 5mg Of Black Pepper For Absorption
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Relieves Joint Pain

Suggested Use: 1 tablet 1-3 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by healthcare professional.

Contains 30 Servings

Inflammation is incredibly important. It helps your body fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing any damage. Without inflammation, pathogens like bacteria could easily take over your body and kill you.

Although acute, short-term inflammation is beneficial, it can become a major problem when it becomes chronic and inappropriately attacks your body's own tissues. Therefore, anything that can help fight chronic inflammation is of potential importance in preventing and even treating these diseases.

Scientists now believe that chronic, low-level inflammation plays a major role in almost every chronic, Western disease. This includes heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's, and various degenerative conditions.

Long been used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines as an anti-inflammatory agent, evidence has linked turmeric to the healing of wounds, relief of joint pains and sprained muscles, liver and skin diseases as well as respiratory or gastrointestinal problems.

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. However, the curcumin content of turmeric is not that high. To experience the full effects, you need to take a supplement that contains significant amounts of curcumin.

Unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps to consume black pepper with it, which contains piperine, a natural substance that enhances the absorption of curcumin.

The reason this added compound works is because the piperine makes it easier for curcumin to pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. It also slows down the breakdown of curcumin by the liver, increasing its blood levels. As a result, it is more readily available to be used by the body.

Suggested Use: 1 tablet 1-3 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by healthcare professional.

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