Fabula Medium Roast Coffee

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Medium - 12oz:
Fabula’s freshly roasted front runner. Tasty and round, classical and delicious, our medium roast is the perfectly balanced coffee for your daily fix.
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Certified Organic & Non-GMO

Fabula coffee is always Certified Organic, Low-Acid, Single-Origin, Non-GMO, and freshly roasted right before arriving at your doorstep.

So please sit back and enjoy knowing that you're drinking pure & healthy coffee.

Our Medium roast coffee is from the regions of Peru's northern highlands, on the border of the Andes Mountains. The coffee grows at altitudes of up to 7,000 feet, which is considered extreme in the world of coffee. The higher altitude gives the coffee cherries more time to develop and ripen, resulting in more defined and distinct flavors. The coffee frequently needs to be handpicked.

The farms are remote and suffering from poor infrastructure. Many places have no roads, and those that do, are prone to mud- and rockslides and closing due to heavy rainfalls. Some farms are so remote, that the coffee needs to be transported on the back of a donkey. The logistics surrounding the entire operations are not an easy feat, but it pays off with complex, defined and balanced flavor notes from these special micro climates.

Many cooperatives were formed in the early 2000s in response to mining companies who were encroaching on farming lands in Peru. What began as several producers coming together to stand in solidarity with one another, has transformed into a larger cooperatives that supports hundreds of producers.

In these remote regions, the cooperatives provides agricultural training to its members as well as financial assistance throughout the harvest. In addition to agricultural and financial support, many also promotes gender equality and youth involvement.

Fabula is extremely proud to source from this region. Not only is it spectacularly stunning nature, but it means we can offer extraordinary quality coffee beans, while helping farmers and cooperatives at the same time.

Always Freshly Roasted

We roast and bag right before we ship, so your coffee arrives fresh and at its peak every time.

Coffee made to enjoy; every sip. That is Fabula Coffee.

Coffee Details:

Roast: Medium

Region: Peru

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Catimor

Process: Fully washed

Aromas: Nuts, Brown Sugar, Mild Fruits, Intense

Flavors: Caramelized Sugars, Nutty, Chocolate, Rich