PA(7) Mediator mTOR Elevation

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24 Workouts (1 Month on Average) Supply of Phosphatidic Acid with L-Leucine + AstraGin™

A High Performance Nutrition Formulation, PA(7) Mediator 

PA(7) is one of the most sought after muscle enhancers in the world because it has been shown in multiple human clinical studies to increase muscle growth without steroids, drugs, hormones, or side-effects. PA(7) is formulated from phosphatidic acid, a groundbreaking plant nutrient recently uncovered inside the intricate structures of plant biology. Phosphatidic acid activates the mTOR pathway, which then boosts muscle protein synthesis. If you want to see results faster without risking steroids or hormones then make sure you get PA(7).


mTOR Increases Protein Synthesis

Anabolic Steroids vs. PA(7)

One of the biggest misconceptions in fitness is the difference between muscle protein synthesis (new muscle creation) and the mTOR pathway. It is far more effective to focus on increasing mTOR activation than it is to increase muscle protein synthesis.

That's because mTOR is the main regulator of muscle protein synthesis. mTOR controls when muscle protein synthesis turns on or off. 

Steroids increase mTOR activation by skyrocketing testosterone, which has all kinds of complications like hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction, and high blood pressure. 

PA(7) increases mTOR activation by partnering with your muscle tissues at the cellular level to boost muscle growth and fat loss.