Landing Page Setup Fee

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  • Setup of your landing page and Capture page
  • All links on the page will be customized to you 
  • All links in the auto emails will be customized to you 
  • Page will include all your personal information 


Landing Page Instructions: 

  • Goto and sign up for Aweber 
  • You can get the free account or the paid account
  • The free account does not have the email auto-responder, the paid account does
  • After setting up the account in the bottom left, click your email and then click "Team Hub" 
  • In the upper right click "Invite a User" 
  • Add TSG Support in the name section and in the email 
  • Submit and we will be added 
  • Once payment for your landing page setup is completed we will start working on your page


Domain Instructions:

  • Goto and create an account
  • Purchase your domain
  • Once we get your landing page set up we will send you the link
  • You will then forward your domain to the new link 

Watch the video for detailed instructions

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